General Information
sigma fundSigma Fund is a Luxembourg registered Sicav which was set up in April 1995. It is registered in the list established in article 72 (1) of the Luxembourg Law dated 30th of March 1998 concerning collective investment institutions and is submitted to the second part of the aforementioned law.

Sigma Fund Sicav operates as an umbrella structure comprising different compartments with a different portfolio composition each.

The Investment Manager of Sigma Fund Sicav is Kredietrust Luxembourg, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kredietbank Luxembourg, who is also the custodian bank of the fund.

The Investment Advisor and Promoter of the fund is Altex Partners, a company specialising in hedge fund advisory services.

Sigma Fund Sicav was the first fund to be registered by the Spanish Exchange Commission (CNMV) in the special registry for funds exclusively for institutional investors ( Subsección 2ª ) in December 1997.