Investment Philosophy

Sigma Fund uses a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach to invest in alternative funds. Investing in with Sigma Fund offers the following advantages:

sigma fund

  • High liquidity: monthly.
  • Diversification: wide range of underlying funds and strategies.
  • Access to closed funds: The on-going research and monitoring of the hedge fund industry allow the fund to identify attractive risk/return funds before they are closed.
  • Access to funds with high minimum investment.
  • Low risk profile: (i) the fund will use leverage mainly for liquidity purposes, (ii) the maximum allowed percentage in one single underlying position is 20%, though it is unusual to exceed 10%, and (iii) the fund follows a currency hedging strategy for those funds that are non-euro denominated.
  • Due Diligence: in order to select the funds a careful and rigorous investment process has been followed including the analysis of management styles, returns and risks.